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I have been writing a technical paper for several days now. I have a deadline to meet, which is only a week from now. Yet I am still halfway through.
What has been taking me long is the encoding of my data. I have a lot of numerical data to input, process, and analyze every single point, and I have been in this stage for like forever already.
Perhaps it’s the stress that’s slowing me down. Perhaps I should have some rest, say half a day of doing anything but this paper. Yeah, that might help. A breath of fresh air might really help.
But half a day is long enough to accomplish some more in my progress. Do I really need a break? I’m torn. Sigh…

The Heat is On!

February 10th, 2014 No Comments

Gone are the days when I can wear layers without a single sweat in my forehead. Also, early-morning snuggles under three sheets of blankets are not happening anymore. It is because it has been really hot and humid lately. Yes, summer time is coming.

I don’t entirely hate summer. It’s just that I’m not ready for the long days and hot weather just yet. It drains a lot of energy out of me. Gah! I wish the cold breeze comes back soon.

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Hardware Tools Online

January 10th, 2014 No Comments

Having a set of basic tools for the apartment is important so that minor repair jobs can be done in a whim. However, simple tasks, such as buying a quality toolkit, cannot be realized due to our fast-paced lifestyle and hectic schedule. This site, reidsupply.com, can address that problem. The site offers not just the basic tools but also a whole lot of industrial supplies. It is literally an online hardware. For someone who is always on a tight schedule with no time to visit the local hardware and construction supply store, this site is definitely your one stop shop.

Missing Good Old Times

December 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Having a rockstar cousin just rocks! My 27 year old cousin who is out in Thailand is band member playing with his group in many hotels there. I think he has the best markbass among the band. When we were younger, little, and still hanging out during family gatherings, he would often sit in the corner while strumming his guitar and would sing to his heart’s content. Of course we were busy running around chasing with my other cousins but I would somehow notice how he rocked playing that guitar. I would then call the attention of my other cousins and we would circle around him while listening to him play. But those days are gone with all of us cousins grown up and living our own lives. It will be seldom for us to come together for family gatherings. I miss old times.

Starting Up!

November 29th, 2013 No Comments

My aunt who lives in a faraway province though of opening up a business selling stuff she will be buying from a wholesale market. She intends to profit by selling the same items in retail. Given the economic stand of their place, she is sure to earn more that she might actually yearn because she will be the only one selling the stuff she bought. She also considering to buy cheap wholesale jewelry and again retail them in the native area. She has been stocking up for the last five days that she is here with us and is bound to travel back tomorrow early morning.

Anticipating Holidays!

November 29th, 2013 No Comments

The smell of the cold breeze and chilling breath of air has finally come! This is the season to be jolly indeed. Hefty paychecks and grand bonuses are underway too! With the season of giving, it is an opportune time to celebrate and give back to others the bounty and all the blessing we have received this year. What a wonderful year it was for me and I look forward to a more prosperous year coming. This year of the snake is indeed in my favor and I want to give back to the people who helped me along the way. The year is about to set and the next is ready to rise.

It’s been a long time since I got this opportunity to post something here in my dearly beloved internet space. I got busy with work with tons of load to finish. I also had that rare opportunity to hang out with friends and hangout for a couple of drinks. One person whom I haven’t met for a couple of years came back to visit our hometown and it was a coincidence that I happened to went home too. He invited me over together with our long time friends for some catching up. He plays for a band now and was very eager to show us that he got a pcdj software at Guitar Center and was actually having fun using it. He plays good, he was always been this good and is continuing to perform better. We spent the night singing and sharing interesting stories until it was time to say our goodbyes and hopes of seeing us altogether again. What a rare occasion that we were all gathered in one place at the same time because of our hectic work loads. Cool!

Luck Matters

June 8th, 2013 No Comments

Part of the company policy was to dispose off of obsolete assets. Although still functioning, outdated gadgets, equipment, and office supplies are placed on auction where interested employees can participate and bid the price they are willing to pay just to get those secondhand but in good condition items. The products on auction ranges from laptops, desktops, cameras, phones, cabinets, photocopying machines, facsimile machines and ekg machine for sale which the list are emailed to all employees. I didn’t won a single bidding but the next time there will be, I’ll make sure I’ll get one item. Wish me luck!